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Welcome to our photo album. We'll be updating often so keep on checkin back!


Copy of klinger1201-1.jpg (15773 bytes)Tim Klinger with a nice December Mohave bass.



Copy of trentmotor1201-2.jpg (14382 bytes)Dang Trent! You have to change your drawers?



Copy of hav2roser0102.jpg (19151 bytes)Mike Roser with one of the fish that got him the win at Havasu in January 2002.



Copy of hav2hoover0102.jpg (16692 bytes)Dave Hoover's January Havasu bass.



Copy of havmackey0102.jpg (21088 bytes)John Mackey contemplates life, fishing and the bass at Lake Havasu.



Copy of havguys0102.jpg (20454 bytes)Mike Roser and Tyler Brinks give Patrick "Flippin" Davis a hand at Havasu.



Copy of hoover0402.jpg (19828 bytes)Dave Hoover with a nice April Havasu smallmouth.



Patrick Davis shows off a couple nice Lake Havasu fish.



Mike Guererro with a Havasu Largemouth and Smallmouth.